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Catherine Ripley is unwaveringly dedicated to preserving the rich and beautiful environment that Arizona is known for because protection of our environment in Arizona is an economic issue.

Our beautiful state and its great outdoors continue to be critical in attracting companies and individuals to relocate to Arizona.

Our environment can be protected through, once again, common sense approaches of growing an alternative and renewable energy economy. She will work to preserve these incredible valuable yet fragile assets that define Arizona’s quality of life.


With her background as a retired Naval officer in military intelligence, Catherine Ripley understands the pressing issues that threaten our security as a nation and a state.

While Republican counterparts are pushing to increase gun rights to arm more citizens, she recognizes that we need tougher enforcement of current laws and the common-sense gun control with dependable background checks and wait periods

Rather than simply making it easy to arm citizens, Catherine believes in creating a stronger relationship between local police and their communities because statistical analysis has documented time and again reductions in crime where greater community bonds exist between law enforcement and the public.  

Nowhere is this more important than among our immigrant communities where this fragile relationship is challenged by today’s rising insensitive and harmful immigration stances. Catherine will work to heal the rift between citizens and the police caused by such regressive policies.

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Catherine Ripley wants to stop balancing the budget of Arizona on the backs of our most vulnerable populations and create a viable economy where all citizens can have equal opportunities to thrive.

She believes we have a unique opportunity to utilize the surplus created in our state budget to ensure that our community needs, like our public schools are refunded to their original levels and our state transportation and infrastructure are fully supported as an investment in our future


Ms. Ripley is committed to the national Democratic Party platform of building a full-employment economy, where everyone has a job that pays enough to raise a family and live in dignity with a sense of purpose.  

Catherine will support and fight for equal pay for equal work, good paying jobs for all, including for certified and college degree employment, jobs in solar, wind and other clean industries, while supporting small businesses in LD 10 and across the state of Arizona.