Catherine Ripley

Democratic Candidate for

Arizona State House LD 10

will fight for
progressive change

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what matters to arizona

education matters

Education matters. Enormously.  I will fight to return over $1.8 Billion in lost funding and make Education a priority in this state.  Equal access and affordability to quality education is the foundation as well as the umbrella for which all other issues can flourish.  Arizona has the lowest paid teachers and per pupil spending in the country.  This is the most important platform for which we must fight.

Our children are suffering-which means our collective future is at stake.  This crisis will only get worse and will impact every aspect of the lives of Arizonans from the economy to safety, health care, civil rights and security.  This matters most, and I will fight to get proper and decent funding back into the public schools from K-12 and college as is iterated in the Arizona State Constitution.  

health care matters

In order to live up to the ideals of the American Dream, we must see freedom going hand in hand with equal access and opportunity to basic human necessities, like Health Care.  I will fight for legislating fair and equal access to quality and affordable health care to all, to include the protection of Medicare for the elderly, Medicaid for the poor and preventive medicine for all.  

 We are humans with an obligation to ensure the poorest of the poor, the elderly, Veterans and children have equal access and opportunity to receive quality health care. Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. This matters.

human rights matter

Yes, this matters—more than ever.  Championing, protecting, defending and offering equal rights, equal protections and equal securities to ALL human beings is the very least we can do as a nation who touts itself to the world as the Beacon of Human Rights and Humanity. I will promote, write and vote for legislation to protect ALL constitutional rights for ALL human beings but most importantly those seeking a strong voice and champion—the LGBTQ community; Immigrants seeking citizenship; Women; Veterans; the Elderly and the Poor.  I will also fight to protect a women's constitutional right to her body and all medical decisions to that end. And I will continue the hard fight to get the Equal Rights Amendment ratified by Arizona! 

economic health matters

Jobs matter. As Tucson continues to grow, I will push for legislation to ensure that growth includes companies who adhere to clean energy requirements and hiring local employees. Investors creating new business must be required to contribute to the environment and jobs,  as well as outreach programs in our local schools and colleges.  I will also introduce bills to support a comprehensive and holistic plan to address the continuum of education from Pre-School through college in order to grow our own cadre of future employees, employers, taxpayers and civically minded contributors invested in the growth of our society, as opposed to the thousands of children who, when ignored are ending up as burdens on society. This is clearly directly related to the Red for Ed movement's cry to put back the $1.2 Billion in funding that was removed over the past 10 years.   Education is the foundation of all platforms I shall fight for.

environment matters

Arizona should be the world leader in Solar Power.  We are the sunniest state in the U.S. And yet, the Arizona Corporation Commission continues to punish private homeowners who wish to use solar energy for their homes. Arizona’s dry climate also places us in danger of running out of water—a 52% chance of shortage by 2022, with emergency levels beginning in 2019.  The price of gas continues to climb, as fossil fuels are finite. Clean and alternative forms of energy must happen now. It may not matter today, but it will matter to our children when they run out of water, fuel and a decent place to play with their kids. We are the caretakers of the planet. Let us not fail that responsibility.


Why I'm Running


"Why Bother?"

How many times have you heard someone express that sentiment, with regard to our government? It’s not difficult to understand why so many Americans feel hopeless about the future, and even the present: our government seems beyond repair, to many of us. The ruthless and often blinding partisan politics inherent in our legislative system has entrenched our leaders to such a degree, they can’t even begin to improve our way of life. So, many Americans have simply given up.

That’s not me. I have hope. And I’m willing to serve, as my record demonstrates. I have spent most of my life serving this country as a Naval Officer, in the U.S. and abroad. I have had the privilege of seeing, and experiencing first-hand, a wide spectrum of societies, cultures, and governments. My hands-on involvement in diverse government and civil programs and systems
– ranging from Humanitarian Assistance to National Security Strategy and decision making – have given me valuable and unique insight and sensibility, which I hope to use in service of this great state, where I have chosen to spend the rest of my life.


That's Why I'm Here.

I believe effective, substantive change must start at the grassroots level, which is why I seek to represent constituents in Arizona’s 10th District. I am keenly aware of the issues the residents of our district face, and I know how to facilitate the changes we seek. As your representative, I vow to fight – tirelessly and fiercely and wisely – for a better way of life for all Arizona citizens. I promise to write, champion, and help pass legislation which will: improve the quality and
accessibility of education for our children, from pre-school to higher education; ensure affordable health care is made available to all residents of Arizona; provide equal rights and equal pay to all citizens, regardless of race, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, age, veteran status, disability unrelated to job requirements, genetic information, military service, or other protected status; maintain and improve our environment, encourage renewable energy, and monitor the Arizona Commission.

In addition to leading our state legislature in these important efforts, I will work hand in hand with local law enforcement to connect with the community, guaranteeing security and peace in our beautiful city. I will support our small business owners, helping to protect our city’s charm and making Tucson more attractive to residents and job seekers. And I will develop partnerships with corporations in the state, and with Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, to ensure those
organizations take ownership and responsibility –  through community outreach programs to the thousands of employees who live in our district.

 With your support, and my leadership, we can make Arizona a better place to live.

And that’s a good start.


Retired U.S. Naval Officer
Former U.S. Diplomat
Teacher & Mom

Catherine Ripley is a 2018 Candidate for Arizona State House, Legislative District (LD) 10 for the Democratic Party.

Catherine was raised in Wolf Point, Montana and graduated from Wolf Point High School. She was one of the first women accepted at Annapolis, graduating from the United States Naval Academy with a B.S. in Engineering and minor in Political Science. She graduated from the Navy Postgraduate School, Monterey, California with a master’s degree in National Security Affairs.

Catherine proudly served as a Naval Officer for twenty-six years in anti-submarine warfare during the Cold War and as a diplomat, serving at two different U.S. Embassies abroad for Defense Cooperation in The Hague, and for the Defense Intelligence Agency as the Defense Attaché in Madagascar. She was also the Executive Officer for one of the largest Navy ROTC programs in the country, in Boston, Massachusetts where she trained over 1600 midshipmen to receive degrees and commissions from Harvard University, MIT, Boston University, Tufts, and Northeastern University.

After retiring from the Navy, Catherine accepted an executive leadership position
at Raytheon in Tucson where she retired in 2015.

Catherine is currently an Adjunct Professor at Pima Community College, where she teaches political science, International Relations and the U.S. Constitution.

She has two grown children, Candace Ripley, age 29, and Alexander Ripley, age 28, and has lived and worked in southern Arizona for over 8 years.

Catherine’s international relations skills, combined with her diplomatic experiences abroad that made her successful in her multiple careers will serve her well in representing LD 10 in the Arizona State House.